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17 jun

Condoms are not the only option for Birth Control. Try "Today Women's Contraceptive"



1) How does it act?

2) Is TODAY approved by international and Indian Health Authorities?

3) Is TODAY safe and effective?

4) Is TODAY easy to use?

5) Keep away from excessive heat?

6) Men are advised to wait for a few minutes after intercourse to let the penis return to normal size before urinating ?

7) How does Today work ?

8) How safe is Nonoxynol-9?

9) Dose Today have side effect?

10) Dose Today diminish sexual pleasure in any way ?

11) Should Today be inserted daily?

12) How often Today is be used?

13) Do I need a douche to wash away Today after intercourse?

14) Do I need to use another contraceptive with Today?

15) Will TODAY negatively affect conception or monthly cycle?

16) Will repeated use of TODAY, adversely affect the vaginal wall?

17) Can using Today Cause weight gain or growth of unwanted hair?

18) Will Today have a negative effect on male Partner?

19) Can the male engage in oral sex, and is it safe?

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